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Practicing Distance is a multi-part guide for preparing for our futures together post-quarantine. Each part offers a series of short practices* beginning with an introduction to the four proxemic distances: intimate, personal, social, public. What follows are guided creative exercises to engage with solo, with a partner, or a small group, in imagined physical proximity during the time of the pandemic and beyond. This guide is adapted from the ongoing development of art and design-based tools used in peer-to-peer care circles, workshops, and social spaces for queer and disabled folks, survivors and allies, from 2016-present. Jeff Kasper also leads workshops for art students, universities, and organizations based on this work. He develops curriculums and interactive projects on related topics of care, conflict, consent, collaboration and creativity, from a healing-centered lens based in disability justice and trauma support culture. Three iterative social practice projects which relate to this guide are wrestling embrace, Relational Athletics, and Give & Take Care.

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Key Words

Transformative justice, Disability justice, Publication, Trauma, Proxemics

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Amherst, Massachusetts




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Practicing Distance