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Credibility and trustworthiness are the bedrock upon which any science is built. The strength of these foun-dations has been increasingly questioned across the sciences as instances of research misconduct and mounting concerns over the prevalence of detrimental research practices have been identified. Conse-quently, the purpose of this paper is to encourage our scientific community to positively and proactively en-gage in efforts that foster a healthy and robust I-O psychology. We begin by advancing six defining princi-ples that we believe reflect the values of robust science and offer criteria for evaluating proposed efforts to change scientific practices. Recognizing that the contemporary scientific enterprise is a complex and di-verse network of actors and institutions, we then conclude by identifying 12 stakeholders who play im-portant roles in achieving a culture of robust science in I-O psychology and offer recommendations for ac-tions we can take as members of these groups to strengthen our science.


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