Bus Operators' Body Weight Changes During Their First 2 Years of Work: A Retrospective Survey.

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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Objective: To empirically assess retrospective reports of weight changes during bus operators’ first years on the job, and to investigate experienced and desired training topics for new operators.

Methods: Bus operators (n = 261) completed an online survey on topics of early weight changes and training experiences.

Results: Operators reported gaining an average of 7.64 lb (SD = 16.36) during their first year. Further weight gain was not reported during the second year. Most operators reported that health-related topics were not addressed during their initial training. Stress management and healthy eating were the operators’ two most desired topics to be included in their initial training.

Conclusion: Bus operators reported medically meaningful weight gain during their first year of work and a desire for more health-related training. Objective research to document the magnitude of this hazard, and contributing working conditions, is needed.


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