Fifty Shades of Pray: Faith Diversity Management Approaches Impact Employee Satisfaction, Support Perceptions, and Turnover

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Journal of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational policies and practices related to workforce diversity and inclusion have implications for employees of all backgrounds. With the changing composition of faith identities in the workforce, organizations must change to meet the needs of employees of all faith identities, including employees who do not identify with a faith tradition. Across two studies, we use Miller and Ewest's (2015) Faith and Work Organizational Framework to explore how different organizational approaches to faith diversity management impact the job outcomes of employees of differing faith identities. Results indicate that “faith-friendly” organizations, characterized by a proactively inclusive approach, yield the highest employee satisfaction and perceptions of supervisor and organizational support and lowest intentions to turn over for employees of all and no faith identities. This was supported when examined with both a cross-sectional survey and using experimental manipulation. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.


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