Editorial: at the Intersection of Multiple Research Fields

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Mind Culture and Activity

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We are pleased to introduce a new issue of Mind, Culture and Activity, in which the journal’s commitment with innovative interdisciplinary scholarship becomes tangible through the diversity of works included. Opening with a paper that examines how an entire village learns and going through papers that look at such diverse issues as children’s grief, conceptualizations of women in medical care, and the role of sound in escape rooms, Issue 3 illustrates the Mind, Culture, and Activity journal'’s position at the intersection of a multiplicity of research fields. Academic discourses and concerns from such disparate fields as education, health care, sound studies, and human geography meet in these pages. Across the articles, an interest in the cultural nature of human cognition and activity, and an ambition to go beyond established scholar traditions, are shared. The issue includes six research articles and one book review. We hope the readers will find these contributions inspiring and interesting. We continue to develop Cultural Praxis1 as an interactive platform for extending the types of scholarly work that we publish, and as an arena for dialogical, critical, and activist projects. We include below an overview of recent publications and opportunities for participation in Cultural Praxis. We invite authors and readers of Mind, Culture, and Activity to consider contributing as we build this collaborative platform and to contact us with publication proposals, suggestions, and any other feedback.


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