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Commercial driver -- Work Psychology


Background: Truck driving is a highly sedentary occupation that places workers at risk for chronic health conditions, such as obesity and high blood pressure. The primary purpose of this study was to objectively describe truck drivers’ typical physical activity (PA) patterns. Methods: We used w7e10-day baseline PA actigraphy data samples from drivers in the Safety & Health Involvement For Truckers (SHIFT) study (n ¼ 394). Driver PA patterns (e.g., average number of 10 minute Freedson bouts per week, time in bouts, and common days/times for PA) were summarized with descriptive analyses. We also compared objective accelerometer data to self-reports. Results: Drivers’ weekly PA averaged 14.4 minutes (SD ¼ 37.0), and most PA occurred between 5e6 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Drivers overestimated self-reported weekly exercise by over 60 min/week compared to accelerometer data. Conclusion: Our results suggest that objective PA assessment may be warranted over self-report when possible, and timing may be key in future PA intervention work with truck drivers.


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