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Diversity in the workplace -- Oregon -- Clackamas County, Discrimination in employment -- Evaluation, Organizational effectiveness -- County government -- Oregon


At the request of the Clackamas County Diversity and Inclusion Director, Emmett Wheatfall, a team of experts from Portland State University were asked to assess the efforts made by Clackamas County in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The aim of the assessment was to evaluate the current state of diversity and inclusion in the following four goal areas: 1) The ability of Clackamas County to attract diverse talent to the organization (recruiting and hiring diverse staff); 2) The extent to which the current work culture is welcoming and respectful of people who may be “different” than the norm (welcoming and respectful work culture); 3) The ability of Clackamas County to retain and grow diverse talent in the organization (retention and development of diverse staff); and 4) The extent to which staff members need to expand their skills or use different tools to interact more effectively with diverse team members and customers (cultural competence).


Prepared by: The Center for Public Service Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Portland State University, in collaboration with: Emmett Wheatfall Diversity and Inclusion Program Director County Administration Clackamas County.

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