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Cultural competence -- Oregon -- Evaluation, Intercultural communication, Masseurs -- Licenses -- Oregon, Oregon Board of Massage Therapists


Purpose of the Study: In an effort to improve professional connections with the Asian-Pacific Islander (API) community of massage practitioners in Oregon, the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists (OBMT) commissioned the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University to conduct a study to achieve the following objectives:

1. To identify any barriers that hinder licensing of Asian-Pacific Islander community members who practice massage;

2. To recommend ways to make massage education and licensing processes more culturally responsive to API massage practitioners’ needs.

Data Collection and Analysis: During September through December 2014, CPS assembled a multicultural project team and obtained approval from the Portland State University (PSU) Institutional Review Board (IRB) to conduct interviews.

* 23 interviews were conducted during November 2014 and February 2015.

* 22 interviews were conducted in a language other than English.

Interview notes were transcribed. The interview results were then coded and analyzed, and key themes were identified. In March 2015, data analysis was completed and recommendations were developed.


Prepared by: The Center for Public Service Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Portland State University.

This is the Final Report. The Executive Summary and presentation slides can be accessed below as supplemental files.

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