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Cultural competence -- Oregon -- Beaverton -- Evaluation, Intercultural communication, Multiculturalism -- Social aspects, Cultural pluralism


The City of Beaverton entered into an agreement with the Center for Public Service (CPS) to create a project focused on engaging diverse communities. CPS, in collaboration with Beaverton’s Diversity Task Force (DTF) organized a Multicultural Community Forum on Saturday, June 1, 2013. This report provides the purpose, planning process, outreach activities, agenda, and outcomes of the Forum. It also provides recommendations for next steps in engaging cultural and ethnic minority residents in the City of Beaverton.

The primary purpose of the Multicultural Community Forum was to create a momentum in engaging and empowering both new and emerging multicultural community leaders. A secondary purpose was to provide an opportunity for City officials and employees to interact with diverse community members and to build relationships that will facilitate further civic engagement of multicultural community members.


Prepared by: The Center for Public Service Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Portland State University.

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