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Longview (Wash.) -- Officials and employees -- Attitudes, Longview (Wash.) -- Officials and employees -- Surveys, Cultural awareness, Cultural competence, Diversity in the workplace


This report summarizes the result of the cultural assessment employee survey administered in April 2007 to all City of Longview employees. Responses were obtained from 235 people (response rate 67%).

The survey results include the following key findings:

* Average scores indicate that employees generally support diversity and understand the importance of diversity in the workplace.

* On average, employees rated departmental support and understanding toward diversity lower than their personal support.

* Average scores on the level of comfort discussing diversity-related issues was somewhat lower than other scores. Some people expressed that they do not feel comfortable speaking up when they see a diversity-related issue in the workplace.

* There was a difference in the average score between men and women in their views of gender equality in the workplace. Some women expressed concern over inequality in the way they were treated.

* There was a difference in the score between Caucasian/White and Non-Caucasian/Nonwhite in perceptions about overall diversity friendliness and race equality in the workplace. Non-Caucasian/Nonwhite were more likely to say the city needs more improvement in diversity issues.

* There were varying views on how to approach the issue of diversity. Some people expressed a strong concern over the presence of bias, stereotype, and intolerance in the city, and the need to address these issues. Other people noted that the city should not be focusing so much on individual differences. Rather, they emphasized the importance of treating everyone equally, regardless of demographic and cultural background.

* Some people expressed the need for non-English speaking members of the community to learn English and assimilate into mainstream U.S. culture.

* Some employees opposed making hiring decisions based on diversity criteria.


This report, dated Dec. 20, 2007, is a revised version of an earlier report that was issued on May 29, 2007.

Produced by The Executive Leadership Institute, Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University.

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