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Community policing -- Oregon -- Creswell -- Public opinion, Police -- Oregon -- Creswell -- Public opinion, Police-community relations -- Oregon -- Creswell


The Center for Public Service worked with the City of Creswell, Oregon to assess their current policing arrangements and service demand, and to develop a series of options for police services. Creswell is a small city of about 5,000 just south of Eugene, Oregon. Creswell currently purchases its police services from the Lane County Sheriff under an annual intergovernmental agreement (IGA). Citizens in the community have challenged this model and proposed the establishment of a city police department. This study developed scenarios and cost analysis for several options including a city police department, an independent public safety special district, and a public safety special district contracting with the Sheriff. This study used the Portland State University (PSU) TECC (Total Employer Cost of Compensation) system to model the personnel costs for police officers and deputies, and other department staff. The study also used the TECC model to describe the regional labor market for police officers and sheriff deputies.


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