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On February 25, 2013, the PPS Board unanimously approved Resolution 4718, which directs staff “to develop and recommend a process for a comprehensive review of school boundaries district-wide and policies related to student assignment and transfer to better align with the Racial Educational Equity Policy and promote strong capture rates and academic programs at every grade level.”

To deal with the student assignment and transfer policy issues, Superintendent Carole Smith charged the “Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment and Transfer” (SACET) with recommending changes to student assignment and transfer policies to bring them into alignment with the district’s racial educational equity policy. As for the Districtwide Boundary Review component, in December 2013, Portland Public Schools entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University (PSU) to assist the District with eventually achieving two important tasks:

  1. Devise and implement a process to engage a wide range of current and future PPS parents, students and staff, community organizations; and other key stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive District-wide Boundary Review and recommend new PPS school boundaries for adoption by the Portland School Board;
  2. Create a flexible and dynamic “Boundary Review Framework” on which the current and future boundary-setting processes will be based.

CPS proposed a three-phase approach for the “PPS District-Wide Boundary Framework” project, which would include recommendations at the end of each Phase as to recommended next steps. As initially outlined from the vantage point of October 2013, the proposed approach would be as follows:

  • Phase I (3 months): Initial Assessment and Framework Recommendations
  • Phase II (7-8 months): Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Phase III (4 months): Final Recommendations, Community Deliberations, and Decision Making

This report concludes Phase I and includes the Findings and Recommendations from our Initial Assessment.

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Project Brief

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Phase II. Engaging the PPS Community on a Large Scale

PPS Phase II FINAL.pdf (884 kB)
Phase IIa. Aligning PPS’s Policies and Practices to Address Short and Long Term Educational Priorities