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Urban policy -- Oregon -- Brookings, Land use -- Planning -- Oregon -- Brookings, Citizen participation


Center for Public Service (CPS) helped the City of Brookings respond to public concerns and opposition to suggestions for a City annexation of the adjacent community of Harbor. The City and CPS agreed to a consulting study in which CPS assessed the public service situation in the City and Harbor area, and then modeled and analyzed two annexation scenarios. Development of the annexation scenarios was especially complex. Annexation law and procedures, urban renewal requirements and assessments, three types of special districts, decaying water and sanitary infrastructure, state revenue shared funds, and unique transient tax and tourism fund use all combined for challenging analysis and scenario modeling. CPS also conducted an extensive public safety analysis based on 911 dispatch data to model law Brookings Police Department service delivery, mutual aid contributions and staffing relief. To support development of a general City annexation strategy, CPS also conducted a study of assessed property values across the Brookings urban growth area.

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