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Regaining R&D Leadership: The Role of Design Thinking and Creative Forbearance
Melissa M. Appleyard, Albrecht Enders, and Herb Velazquez


The Effects of Attractiveness, Gender and Self-esteem in Service Jobs
Shi Xu, Larry Martinez, and Nicholas A. Smith


Neighbors as Distal Support for Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses
Liat S. Kriegel, Greg Townley, Eugene Brusilovskiy, and Mark S. Salzer


The Impact of Paying for Forest Conservation on Perceived Tenure Security in Ecuador
Kelly W. Jones, Nicolle Etchart, Margaret Holland, Lisa Naughton-Treves, and Rodrigo A. Arriagada


Regional Trade Agreements and the Pattern of Trade: A Networks Approach
Rossitza Wooster, Javier A. Reyes, and Stuart Shirell

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