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Passive Circuit Modeling Using IPA510
Hassan Hiwaidi Al-Sheikhly


Effect of Levodopa and Environmental Setting on Gait and Turning Digital Markers Related to Falls in People with Parkinson's Disease
Vrutangkumar V. Shah, James McNames, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, John G. Nutt, Mahmoud El-Gohary, Kristen Sowalsky, Martina Mancini, and Fay B. Horak


University Spin-Offs: the Past, the Present, and the Future
Marina Dabic, Bozidar Vlacic, Maribel Guerrero, and Tugrul U. Daim


Cultural Systems
Ruth Miller


Editorial: at the Intersection of Multiple Research Fields
Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Sophina Choudry, Arturo Cortez, Beth Ferholt, Ivana Guarrasi, Alfredo Jornet, Monica Lemos, Mara W. Mahmood, Bonnie Nardi, Antti Rajala, Anna Stetsenko, and Julian Williams


Electromagnetic Analysis of a High Gear-Ratio Magnetically Geared Motor
H. Y. Wong, Jonathan Z. Bird, S. Essakiappan, A. Verma, and M. Manjrekar


An Electrodynamic Wheel Maglev Vehicle with a Passive U-Guideway
Colton W. Bruce, Jonathan Z. Bird, Matthew K. Grubbs, Zhongkai Zheng, David Drake, Anh Doane, Yew Tin Lee, and Jon Seeboth


Real-Time Joint Ocean Acoustics and Circulation Modeling in the 2021 New England Shelf Break Acoustics Experiment (L)
Brendan J. DeCourcy, Ying-Tsong Lin, Weifeng Gordon Zhang, Emma Reeves Ozanich, Natalie Kukshtel, Martin Siderius, Glen Gawarkiewicz, and Jacob Forsyth


Scientists' Warning of an Imperiled Ocean
Samuel Georgian, Sarah Hameed, Lance Morgan, Diva J. Amon, U. Rashid Sumaila, David Johns, and William J. Ripple

*Updated as of 02/02/23.