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Wasted Space
Ryan Martyn


Becoming an Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Thriving Institution
Betty Izumi, Michelle Lee, Toeutu Faaleava, Christian Aniciete, and Taliilagi Aumavae


Anticipating Anthropogenic Threats in Acquiring New Protected Areas
Heidi J. Albers, Charlotte H. Chang, Sahan Dissanayake, Kate J. Helmstedt, Kailin Kroetz, Bistra Dilkina, Irene Zapata-Mor An, Christoph Nolte, Leticia M. Ochoa-Ochoa, and Gwen Spencer


A Tolerance-Based Memetic Algorithm for Constrained Covering Array Generation
Xu Guo, Xiaoyu Song, Jian-tao Zhou, and Feiyu Wang


Factors That Predict Pursuing Sinus Surgery in the Era of Highly Effective Modulator Therapy
Daniel M. Beswick, Ethan J. Han, Jess C. Mace, Karolin Markarian, Jeremiah A. Alt, Todd E. Bodner, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Patricia H. Eshaghian, Anne E. Getz, Peter H. Hwang, Ashoke Khanwalkar, Adam J. Kimple, Jivianne T. Lee, Douglas A. Li, Meghan Norris, Jayakar V. Nayak, Cameran Owens, Zara Patel, Katie Poch, Rodney J. Schlosser, Kristine A. Smith, Timothy L. Smith, Zachary M. Soler, Jeffrey D. Suh, Grant Turner, Marilene B. Wang, Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, and Milene Saavedra


Well-Being: the Ultimate Criterion for Organizational Sciences
Louis Tay, Cassondra Batz-Barbarich, Liu-Qin Yang, and Christopher W. Wiese

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