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Psychometric Validation of the Meaningful Role Functioning Questionnaire in a Sample of 229 Women With Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Rana Yaghmaian, Kanako Iwanaga, Teresa Ann Grenawalt, James Reling, Dana Brickham, and Fong Chan


An Axial Cycloidal Magnetic Gear That Minimizes the Unbalanced Radial Force
Hailin Huang, Jonathan Z. Bird, Agustin L. Vera, and Ronghai Qu


Relating Students' Units Coordinating and Calculus Readiness
Steven Boyce, Jeffrey A. Grabhorn, and Cameron Byerley


Logistics and Procurement Outsourcing in the Healthcare sector: A Comparative Analysis
Heather Skipworth, Emanuela Delbufalo, and Carlos Mena

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