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Prozac In The Water: Chronic Fluoxetine Exposure And Predation Risk Interact To Shape Behaviors In An Estuarine Crab
Joseph R. Peters, Elise F. Granek, Catherine E. de Rivera, and Matthew Rollins


Managerial Strategies to Influence Frontline Worker Understanding of Performance Measures in Nonprofit Child Welfare Agencies
Monica Perez Jolles, Crystal Collins-Camargo, Bowen McBeath, Alicia C. Bunger, and Emmeline Chuang


Relationship Between Provider Stigma and Predictors of Staff Turnover Among Addiction Treatment Providers
Magdalena Kulesza, Sarah B. Hunter, Amy L. Shearer, and Marika Booth


Applicant Perspectives During Selection: A Review Addressing "So What?," "What's New?," and "Where to Next?"
Julie M. McCarthy, Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo, Neil R. Anderson, Ana Cristina Costa, and Sara M. Ahmed


Women's Perspectives on War and Peace in Sierra Leone
Ariel M. Ladum and Janice Haaken


The Maker Movement and Urban Economic Development
Laura Wolf-Powers, Marc Doussard, Greg Schrock, Charles Heying, Max Eisenburger, and Stephen Marotta

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