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Spectra of Certain Large Tridiagonal Matrices
J.J.P. Veerman, David K. Hammond, and Pablo E. Baldivieso


Efficacy of the ASAP Intervention for Preschoolers with ASD: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Brian A. Boyd, Linda R. Watson, Stephanie S. Reszka, John Sideris, Michael Alessandri, Grace T. Baranek, Elizabeth R. Crais, Amy L. Donaldson, Anibel Gutierrez, LeAnne Johnson, and Katie Belardi


Relationships, Friendships, and Successful Social Communication: Addressing Disability
Amy L. Donaldson, Mariella Nolfo, and Marissa Montejano


Promoting the Accessibility of SWPBIS for Students With Severe Disabilities
Sheldon L. Loman, M. Kathleen L. Strickland-Cohen, and Virginia L. Walker


"I Really Wanted Her to Have a Big Sister": Caregiver Perspectives on Mentoring for Early Adolescent Girls
Thomas E. Keller, Bahia Overton, Julia M. Pryce, Johanna E. Barry, Andrew Sutherland, and David L. DuBois


Employed Parents of Children Receiving Mental Health Services: Caregiver Strain and Work-Life Integration
Ana Maria Brannan, Eileen Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, and Julie M. Rosenzweig


R.I.P (race in portland)
Christian J. Orellana Bauer


Transient Reactivation of a Deep-Seated Landslide by Undrained Loading Captured With Repeat Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar
Adam M. Booth, Justin McCarley, Jason Hinkle, Jean-Paul Ampuero, and Michael P. Lamb


Facets: Drivers of Discovery
Kimberly Willson-St. Clair

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