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Rebound of Large Jets from Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Low Gravity
Karl Cardin, Sheng Wang, Olivier Desjardins, and Mark Weislogel


Dynamic Effects of Inertial Particles on the Wake Recovery of a Model Wind Turbine
Sarah E. Smith, Kristin N. Travis, Henda Djeridi, Martin Obligado, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Impact of in Situ Current Stressing on Sn-Based Solder Joint Shear Stability
Scott Fuller, Mohamed Sheikh, Greg Baty, Choong-Un Kim, and Tae-Kyu Lee


Impact of Cognitive Tasks on CO and Isoprene Emissions from Humans
Elliott T. Gall, Asit Kumar Mishra, Jiayu Li, Stefano Schiavon, and Aurélie Laguerre


Circular Economy: Waste-to-Wealth, Jobs the Global South
Katie Conlon, Randika Jayasinghe, and Ranahansa Dasanayake


Multi-institutional Study of Self-Efficacy within Flipped Chemistry Courses
Nicole Naibert, Kerry D. Duck, Michael M. Phillips, and Jack Barbera

*Updated as of 04/14/21.