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Interview with Jim Owens
Jim Owens, Claire Puchy, and Michael Rupp


Persona Journey Mapping to Drive Equity During an LMS Transition
Kam Moi Lee, Kari Goin Kono, and Megan McFarland


Interview with Crystal Shoji
Crystal Shoji and Hui Rodomsky


A City Club Report on IP 62: Public Union Fees & Dues
City Club of Portland (Portland, Or.)


Identification of Solder Joint Failure Modes Using Machine Learning
Kyung-Eun Min, Jae-Won Jang, Soobin Kang, Cheolhee Kim, and Sung Yi


Intrinsic Modulation Doping Enhances the Thermoelectric Performance of Monolayer Gagete
Mohammad Rafiee Diznab, Yi Xia, and S. Shahab Naghavi


Accelerating the Prediction of Stable Materials with Machine Learning
Sean D. Griesemer, Yi Xia, and Chris Wolverton


Emerging Perspectives on Transportation Justice
Alex Karner, Tierra Bills, and Aaron D. Golub


Woody Plant-Soil Relationships in Interstitial Spaces Have Implications for Future Forests Within and Beyond Urban Areas
Gisselle A. Mejia, Peter M. Groffman, Meghan L. Avolio, Anika R. Bratt, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Noortje H. Grijseels, Sharon J. Hall, James Heffernan, Sarah E. Hobbie, Susannah B. Lerman, Jennifer L. Morse, Desiree L. Narango, Christopher Neill, Josep Padulles Cubino, and Tara L. E. Trammell

*Updated as of 03/04/24.