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Men and COVID-19: A Pathophysiologic Review
Martin S. Lipsky and Man Hung


The Hooskanaden Landslide: Historic and Recent Surge Behavior of an Active Earthflow on the Oregon Coast
Stefano Alberti, Andrew Senogles, Kara Kingen, Adam Booth, Pete Castro, Jill DeKoekkoek, Kira Glover-Cutter, Curran Mohney, Michael Olsen, and Ben Leshchinsky


Rainfall Triggers More Deep-Seated Landslides than Cascadia Earthquakes in the Oregon Coast Range, USA
Sean R. LaHusen, Alison R. Duvall, Adam M. Booth, A. Grant, Ben A. Mishkin, David R. Montgomery, Will Struble, Joshua J. Roering, and J. Wartman


Comparison of Chemotherapeutic Activities of Rhodamine-Based GUMBOS and NanoGUMBOS
Nimisha Bhattarai, Mi Chen, Rocío L. Pérez, Sudhir Ravula, Robert Strongin, Karen McDonough, and Isiah M. Warner


Both Sides Now
Lexa Walsh and Dan Walsh


Rheumatology Clinicians’ Perceptions of Telerheumatology Within the Veterans Health Administration: A National Survey Study
Rachel Matsumoto, Bryant R. England, Ginnifer L. Mastarone, J. Steuart Richards, Elizabeth Chang, Patrick R. Wood, and Jennifer Barton


Machining of Micrometer-Scale High Aspect Ratio Features with Single Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Brian K. Canfield, Lino Costa, Deepak Rajput, Alexander Terekhov, Kathleen Lansford, William H. Hofmeister, and Lloyd M. Davis


The Multifunctional Dopamine D/D Receptor Agonists Also Possess Inhibitory Activity Against the Full-Length Tau441 Protein Aggregation.
Iva Ziu, Irving Rettig, Dan Luo, Aloke Dutta, Theresa M. McCormick, Colin Wu, and Sanela Martic


The DUF328 Family Member Yaaa is a Dna-Binding Protein with a Novel Fold.
Janani Prahlad, Yifeng Yuan, Jiusheng Lin, Chou-Wei Chang, Dirk Iwata-Reuyl, Yilun Liu, Valérie de Crécy-Lagard, and Mark A. Wilson


Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Through Group Comparisons: a Primer on Measurement Invariance Testing
Guizella A. Rocabado, Regis Komperda, Jennifer E. Lewis, and Jack Barbera


Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks for Multispectral Radioluminescent Imaging
Megan J. Neufeld, Hayden Winter, Madeleine R. Landry, Andrea M. Goforth, Syamantak Khan, Guillem Pratx, and Conroy Sun


Occupational Health Science in the Time of COVID-19: Now More Than Ever.
Robert R. Sinclair, Tammy Allen, Lacie Barber, Mindy Bergman, Thomas Britt, Adam Butler, Michael Ford, Leslie Hammer, Lisa Kath, Tahira Probst, and Zhenyu Yuan


Mistaking an Intention for a Behavior: the Case of Enacting Behavioral Decisions Versus Simply Intending to Enact Them
Dolores Albarracin, Kathleen C. McCulloch, Aashna Sunderrajan, and Christopher Jones


Impacts of a Mindfulness-Based Program on Teachers' Forgiveness
Summer S. Braun, Sinhae Cho, Blake A. Colaianne, Cynthia Taylor, Margaret Cullen, and Robert W. Roeser

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