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Oral HIV Self-Implemented Testing: Performance Fidelity Among African American MSM
Joseph Catania, M. Margaret Dolcini, Gary W. Harper, Dennis Fortenberry, Ryan R. Singh, Omar Jamil, Amy W. Young, Lance Pollack, and Edwin Roberto Orellana


Correlates of Administrator Tenure in US Residential Care Communities
Sarah Dys, Ozcan Tunalilar, and Paula C. Carder


Production and Characterization of Boride and Carbide Layers on AISI 15B30 Steel
Rafael Magalhães Triani, Lucas Fuscaldi De Assis Gomes, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, George Edward Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti


Swallowing with Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation (NPPV) in Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy: A Qualitative Analysis
Deanna Britton, Jeannette D. Hoit, Joshua O. Benditt, Justine Poon, Meghan R. Hansen, Carolyn R. Baylor, and Kathryn M. Yorkston


Faculty Senate Monthly Packet April 2020
Portland State University Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate Monthly Packet March 2020
Portland State University Faculty Senate


Ten Questions Concerning the Implications of Carpet on Indoor Chemistry and Microbiology
Sarah R, Haines; Rachel I. Adams; Brandon E. Boor; Thomas A. Bruton; John Downey; Andrea R. Ferro; Elliott Gall; Brett J. Green; Bridget Hegarty; Elliott Horner; and multiple additional authors


Visualization of Protein-Lipid Interactions in Connexin-46/50 Intercellular Channels by Cryo-EM and MD-Simulation
Bassam G. Haddad, Jonathan A. Flores, Kimberly A. Dolan, Janette B. Myers, Craig C. Yoshioka, Daniel M. Zuckerman, and Steve L. Reichow


Electromagnetic Interference with Protocolized Electrosurgery Dispersive Electrode Positioning in Patients with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
Peter M. Schulman, Miriam M. Treggiari, Norbert D. Yanez, Charles Henrikson, Peter M. Jessel, Thomas A. Dewland, Matthias J. Merkel, Valerie Sera, Izumi Harukuni, and multiple additional authors


Capacity Building in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery: Global Health Partnership Beyond Fistula Care in Ethiopia
Rahel Nardos, Fekade Ayenachew, Renate Roentgen, Laura Jacobson, Amanuel Haile, Yibrah Berhe, Karen Gold, W. Thomas Gregory, Theresa Spitznagle, Christopher K. Payne, and L. Lewis Wall


Large Wood Inhibits Debris Flow Runout in Forested Southeast Alaska
Adam M. Booth, Christian Sifford, Bryce Vascik, Cora Siebert, and Brian Buma


Automated Identification of Flexible Multivalent IDP-Bound Assemblies in Electron Micrographs
Barmak Mostofian, Russell McFarland, Elisar J. Barbar, Steve L. Reichow, and Daniel M. Zuckerman


Functional Characterization of V-J-gating and Single Channel Conductance of Sheep Cx46 and Cx50 Gap Junctions
Benny Yue, Bassam G. Haddad, Umair Khan, Mena Atalla, Steve L. Reichow, and Donglin Bai


Daily Stream Samples Reveal Highly Complex Pesticide Occurrence and Potential Toxicity to Aquatic Life
Julia E. Norman, Barbara J. Mahler, Lisa H. Nowell, Peter C. Van Metre, Mark W. Sandstrom, Mark A. Corbin, Yaorong Qian, James F. Pankow, Wentai Luo, Nicholas B. Fitzgerald, and multiple additional authors


Fine-Scale Habitat Heterogeneity and Vole Runways Influence Seed Dispersal in Plagiobothrys Nothofulvus
Monica R. Grasty, Pamela G. Thompson, Elizabeth C. Hendrickson, Avery E. Pheil, and Mitchell B. Cruzan

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