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Fall 2012




Natural Ventilation has the attractive qualities that it is free and unlimited. The task is how to utilize it in such a way that it properly transports its capacity in making a well-conditioned environment. Preliminary design of a campus is tested and studied, in an attempt to find out if the geometry of the building provides suitable amount of air through its courtyard. The courtyard is the most important space requirement of the project. The main focus of the preliminary design analysis is to create a comfortable condition within the courtyard, since it will open up onto the different wind flow patterns. The motivation for this experiment came from the idea of applying computer modeling techniques to passive cooling design and to increasingly understand the varying characteristics of wind. The approach for this research is fairly empirical. The method uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a tool that makes the investigation faster and easy to perform the calculations required to simulate the wind behavior


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Airflow Simulation and Analysis of a Campus Courtyard Research for the design of U.C. Davis International Complex, Phase I

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