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Suicide -- Prevention -- Government policy -- Oregon, Youth Mental health services -- Oregon, Mental health -- Oregon -- Social policy, Mental health personnel -- Education -- Oregon, Youth -- Oregon -- Suicidal behavior, Suicide -- Social aspects -- Oregon


This implementation self‐assessment and the accompanying web survey were adapted for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) by Portland State University in collaboration with the OHA Youth Suicide Prevention staff. The assessment was adapted from three existing Zero Suicide resources available at

The Organizational Self‐Study is a questionnaire about the extent to which each component of the Zero Suicide approach is in place at a single organization. Zero Suicide recommends completing this self‐study at the start of an organization’s Zero Suicide initiative, then every 12 months after that as a measure of fidelity to the model. The self‐study questions serve as the basis for this Oregon Zero Suicide Implementation Assessment and have been reformulated as indicators. The response options (or anchors) for each question are included in the grid to define the level of implementation for each indicator.

The Data Elements Worksheet contains primary and supplemental measures recommended for behavioral health care organizations to strive for to maintain fidelity to a comprehensive suicide care model. The supplemental measures are clinically significant but may be much harder to measure than the primary measures. Zero Suicide recommends reviewing these data elements every three months in order to determine areas for improvement. Starting with element #3 (Identify) of this implementation assessment, these data points are requested for each relevant indicator as documentation for the rank awarded.

OHA is using this implementation assessment to track change over time related to suicide prevention efforts among organizations statewide as part of Cooperative Agreements to Implement Zero Suicide in Health Systems project (2020 – 2025).

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