Type of Exchange Sex and Associated Behaviors and Outcomes Among Cisgender Men and Women at Increased Risk for HIV via Heterosexual Transmission in Six U.S. Metropolitan Areas

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Archives of Sexual Behavior

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Exchange sex is associated with sexual risk behaviors and poor outcomes and different types may incur different levels of risk. We assessed risk profiles of different types of exchange sex among non-injecting cisgender men and women who participated in the 2019 National HIV Behavioral Surveillance project at six sites. Six percent of men and 19% of women reported exchange sex in the past year; most engaged in non-commercial exchange sex for drugs/money with smaller percentages reporting formal sex work or non-commercial exchange sex for goods or services other than drugs/money. Exchange sex was associated with sexual risk and prevention behaviors and psychosocial and sexual health outcomes and associations varied by type of exchange sex. Efforts to improve access to STI/HIV testing and PrEP may benefit from tailoring based on type of exchange sex. Findings indicate value in a broader definition of exchange sex with follow-up assessment of exchange sex typology.


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