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This training manual and guidebook for Parent Support Providers has been adapted from Children/Youth with Disabilities: Their Parents are YOUR Employees, a workbook for human resource professionals originally produced by the Work-Life Integration Project at Portland State University. The research behind the manual comes from over two decades of federally funded studies focused on understanding the work-life experiences of parents with children challenged by behavioral health disabilities. Supplemental materials to the manual for group training purposes include a slide presentation, and a training script.

The survey at the end of this manual may be used as a pre/post evaluation of knowledge and attitudes with a group; or simply as an evaluation by individual Parent Support Providers of their learning after working through the modules.

The seven modules are structured to include a brief introduction, objectives, salient information, and a summary of key points. At the end of each module is a Notes and Reflections page. These pages are designed specifically for the Parent Support Provider to highlight what has been most meaningful to learn about the module’s topic, keep track of additional questions about the material, and to personally reflect on the content’s relevance. Parent Support Providers are in a unique position because of their lived experiences, to give support and guidance to other parents facing similar challenges. Reflecting on one’s own work-life experiences and workplace support needs strengthens the Parent Support Provider’s knowledge in this area and associated advocacy skills.

Module 7, Accessing Workplace Support, is a set of conversations and planning activities that may be initiated by Parent Support Providers with parents. The foundational information for the suggested dialogues and potential plans in Module 7 is covered in the preceding modules.


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