Militarizing the Police and Creating the Police State

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Peace Review-A Journal of Social Justice

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The sound of helicopters cut through the night sky like hot knives through butter: silent, quick, and with purpose. While they circle their target, the ground Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) units speed down the street that only hours before was teeming with activity. As they reach their destination, they load their armor-piercing bullets into their magazines, affix their night-vision goggles, lock down their Kevlar vests, and cover their faces with balaclava masks. They arrive, and the order is given. Twenty men crash through a suspected drug dealer's home, flash bangs go off, and children begin to cry. Smoke fills the room and confusion ensues. People are shot; lives are taken; a family is ruined, and the community is left questioning: “When will it happen to us?


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