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Autism spectrum disorders, Public health -- Research -- United States -- Citizen participation, Autistic people -- Services for, Autistic people -- Medical care


The Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE), a partnership between academic researchers and members of the Autistic community, has conducted a series of studies to understand the healthcare experiences of autistic adults. We are using what we learned from these studies, as well as the lived experiences of our team members, to create information and tools to improve healthcare for autistic adults. After sharing what we learned from our studies, we will offer tips, ideas, information, and tools that may enable more effective self-advocacy in healthcare settings and reduce barriers to healthcare, including care for acute and chronic medical problems and preventive care. We will cover how to find and evaluate a healthcare provider, what to consider when deciding to make an appointment, how to prepare for a visit, what to expect during a visit, and what types of things to think about after a visit. We will show a tool we made for creating an individualized accommodations letter to give to healthcare providers and office staff.


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