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Our world is not what it was, or what it might have appeared to be, 50 years ago. The forces of transformation, not always for the better, have been particularly active since the start of the 21st century. Aside from global issues such as our muchenhanced awareness of climate change, including our capacity to measure the effects of climate change, we have encountered a great deal of violence between states, within states, in regional spaces that cross borders, and in families, neighborhoods, and communities. Some might argue that we are encountering a new kind of violence, more brazen and less modest, in political rhetoric as well, where articulations of racism, exclusion, and rejection have become commonplace even in national contexts we have come to rely on for their stability, respect for human rights, and general tolerance for diversity. Economic security has been threatened repeatedly, and this time affecting not merely the least empowered social locations but almost everyone. Massive industries are collapsing or at least struggling to survive (including the oil industry, auto industry, and energy industry), while higher levels of unemployment have become commonplace nearly everywhere. Global migration, often in the form of refugee flows, have proliferated and in some regions of the globe are challenging the receiving nations to the limit. .........

...... We think that this is a good time to look more closely at the Fortress School. We think that when a world is transforming, we owe it to the next generation to critically evaluate our long held assumptions about how to live in the newly emerging world, especially when we know full well that we, who were educated in schools, have contributed substantially to the challenges facing the planet, and all social relations within it. We therefore welcome submissions that seek to critically engage with Fortress School, defending its value or proposing its demise.


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