Screening for and Treatment of Sexual Abuse Histories in Boys and Male Adolescents

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Sexual Assault Victimization across the Lifespan

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Chapter in the book Sexual Assault Victimization across the Lifespan.

The 3-volume second edition of Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span is the essential reference for sexual assault responders. Readers in medicine, law, law enforcement, and their multidisciplinary partners will benefit from a revised and up-to-date guide to best practices in physical examination, documentation and history taking, evidence collection, and sexual assault prosecution. Volume 1: Investigation, Diagnosis, and the Multidisciplinary Team serves as a complete guide to the essentials of sexual assault investigation, including diagnosis and treatment of assaultive trauma, investigation and prosecution, and the various roles of the multidisciplinary team. Volume 2: Evaluation of Children and Adults focuses on sexual assault survivors in specific age groups, including chapters on child sexual abuse and sexual assault against adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Volume 3: Special Settings and Survivor Populations addressed the particular needs of special survivor populations and survivors in unusual or otherwise unique settings, including survivors in assisted-living facilities, academic institutions, correctional facilities, and natural disaster survivors.

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