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Autism spectrum disorders, Health services accessibility


Recent estimates suggest that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) affect more than 1% of U.S. children over age 3, and rates ASD diagnosis may be increasing.1 ASDs can be reliably diagnosed,2 and early diagnosis is associated with improved long-term developmental and family outcomes.3 However, many children meeting ASD diagnostic criteria are never diagnosed4 or are diagnosed years after onset of symptoms.4,5 Delayed diagnosis is a particular problem among Latino children:6,7 Latino children receive a diagnosis of an ASD 2.5 years later than white non-Latino children.8 Latino children are also less likely to carry an ASD diagnosis; however, when diagnosed, they are more likely to have severe symptoms than white non-Latino children.4,9,10


This is the author's accepted manuscript of an article that subsequently appeared as: Latino parents' perspectives on barriers to autism diagnosis. Academic pediatrics, 14(3), 301-308. Version of record:



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