Knowledge About Alzheimer's Disease and Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease-Related Services in Older Korean Americans: The Role of Social Capital

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Journal of Applied Gerontology

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The purpose of the study was to investigate factors associated with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)-related knowledge and service awareness in older Korean Americans. Considering the importance of social resources in the lives of older immigrants, the focus was on exploring the role of social capital–related factors (e.g., prior exposure to AD, social network, activity participation, and community social cohesion) on AD knowledge and service awareness. Data were drawn from the Study of Older Korean Americans (SOKA; N = 2,150; Mage = 73.41, SD = 7.97). Findings highlight the critical roles of prior exposure to AD and social network influencing both AD knowledge and service awareness, with activity participation also being associated with the latter. Results suggest that particular attention should be paid to individuals who are culturally and socially isolated when considering interventions.


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