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Linguistics and Education

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Preschool education -- United States, Early childhood education, Storytelling ability in children


This study investigates the dialogic affordances of story circles, a small group storytelling activity, enacted in three lower socioeconomic status preschool classrooms. Results show that children employed a range of dialogic strategies from ideationally populating their stories with other children to negotiating participation and making evaluative appraisals of children’s stories. Boys, in particular, engaged in a more pronounced co-constructive storytelling style as the children used stories to enact relationships through the discourse systems of ideation, negotiation, and appraisal. The children’s storytelling reveals the importance of child-led, dialogic talk for supporting meaning making in early childhood education.


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Flynn, E.E. (2022). Enacting relationships through dialogic storytelling. Linguistics and Education, 71, 1-10.
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