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Child mental health services, Mental health consultation, Child psychiatry, Mental illness -- Prevention


As a career path, early childhood mental health consultation MHC is an emerging and growing work force opportunity. In keeping with the vision of an effective transformed service system expressed in the final report of the Presidents' New Freedom Commission, and communities are expanding capacity to meet the mental health needs of young children and caregivers through mental health sultation. ECMHC supports children in naturalistic community and avoids the excessively "expert" tude9 and works through collaboration with families and other providers who care for them. In addition, is growing experience and research evidence to suggest that ECMHC an effective service that, from a license health perspective, promotes and emotional development and vents or reduces the impact of mental health problems in young children. The early childhood mental health consultation workforce is in transition from one of broad diversity in terms of training, experience, roles, responsibilities, and work expectations to one that has specific expertise in early childhood mental health and the specific skills required to take on the role of consultant. The purpose of this article is to support the development of a transformed workforce with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors to work as early childhood mental health consultants in a changing children's mental health field.


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