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Editor: Sasha Chedygov

Articles in this issue include: Privatized alcohol in Oregon: Last year, Costco helped privatize the distribution of alcohol in Washington, and Oregon might be next; Republican candidates: The Republican Party needs to start putting out better presidential candidates, or be forever mocked; Help for the homeless: Radio station KINK 101.9 held their annual radiothon to spread awareness of homelessness in Portland; Rhythm and blues at PSU: One group of student musicians at Portland State is making its way towards a successful music career; The lesson of Obama: President Obama may not have met expectations, but we can learn a lot from his presidency; The end of the Iraq War: The Iraq War is finally over, but the long-term costs on the United States won’t go unnoticed; Body worlds & the brain: When people say, “You’re beautiful on the inside,” this is certainly not what they mean. Read about the latest Body Worlds exhibit at OMSI, with exclusive photography!

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The Portland Spectator, January 2012