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Behavior modification -- Methodology, Behavioral assessment -- Methodology, Problem children -- Education


This manual presents procedures to train school-based personnel to conduct "basic" functional behavioral assessments (FBA) and design function-based behavior support plans (BSP). "Basic FBA/BSP" training methods, as they are presented in this manual, are designed to train school based personnel with flexible roles in a school (i.e. personnel not directly responsible for providing regular instruction for students; e.g., classroom teachers). The Basic FBA/BSP training methods are specifically designed for use with students that exhibit consistent problems that are NOT dangerous and have not been adequately addressed through previous assessment and intervention. For example, Basic FBA methods would be appropriate for a student who is calling other students names during academic instruction on a daily basis. However, the Basic FBA/BSP methods would NOT be sufficient for use with a student who strikes others or engages in self injurious behaviors during a number of routines throughout the school day. For students that exhibit complex or dangerous behavioral problems school personnel should refer to a behavior specialist in their school or district who is trained to conduct FBA's for students with more challenging behaviors.


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