Incorporating the Principles of Self-Management into Treatment of Dysarthria Associated with Parkinson's Disease

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Seminars in Speech and Language

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Although understanding patient perspectives on treatment is a major component of patient-centered care, little is known about patient perspectives related to dysarthria treatment in Parkinson's disease (PD). This article attempts to explore the perspective of patients with dysarthria associated with PD by interviewing them before and after treatment. Treatment expectations and experiences are summarized along with a discussion of how patients are using the tools they learned once treatment was completed. Comments about treatment were generally positive and suggested increased awareness and improved speech loudness. However, areas for improvement were also identified including: (1) treatment was not addressing some communication problems that were of concern to patients; (2) therapy programs were not enjoyable; and (3) it was difficult to maintain gains after therapy ended. Principles of self-management are reviewed to address some of the shortcomings of current treatment approaches.



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