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The Strategic Plan Development Team served as the main driver of the plan. This diverse team represented a cross-section of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Board of Trustees, Foundation board members and members of the PSU Alumni Association board. A project manager and an outside consultant, Coraggio Group, facilitated. Decisions were based on general consensus. Separate “topic teams” provided deeper consideration of strategic themes. These teams made recommendations for the strategic goals and initiatives that form the core elements of the plan.

Topic teams worked with relevant university committees and units that were familiar with the best practices and research in the field. The teams also conducted their own research.

Development of the plan offered an opportunity to foster a new level of engagement and synergy throughout the PSU community. A communications team helped ensure substantial participation in the plan. Outreach and feedback channels included town hall meetings, social events, online surveys, a biweekly electronic newsletter, an interactive website and dozens of meetings with smaller interest groups. Input from the greater Portland community—corporate, civic and nonprofit—was received through surveys and conversations with campus committees.


An accessible version of the plan is located below under additional files.

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