Oral Presentations & Raffle Prizes

Important Dates

  • April 16: Notification of Acceptance (for extended deadline submissions)
  • April 19: Student Presenters Must Confirm their Participation
  • April 29: Upload poster and oral presentation materials to PDXScholar
  • May 3: Deadline for PSU students wishing to print posters using on-campus printers
  • May 8: In-Person Symposium Event
  • Participants must get dissemination approval from their advisor and research partners before sharing their research.

    Oral Presenters will be scheduled for a 10-minute block during either the morning or afternoon session on May 8. Each presenter will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present their paper and 5 minutes to answer audience questions. Presentations will not be recorded during the May 8 event. Presenters may create an optional video that will be hosted on PDXScholar. If you have more than one presenter on your research team, the team must not exceed 5 minutes. Each video presentation will need to be closed captioned or have a written transcript. If you have a written transcript of your presentations please submit it with your prerecorded video. Presenters must upload their slides and (optional) prerecorded video to PDXScholar by April 29.

    Upload instructions:

    Upload the PDF to PDXScholar. Be sure to upload the presentation files using the "upload file from your computer" option, and upload additional files using the checkbox labeled "check this if you'd like to add additional files." If you are uploading an MP4 file please include your transcript, if available.

    Optional: Creating Videos

    For those who would like to prerecord their presentation to upload to PDXScholar, we recommend using Zoom. These are the basic steps:

    • Login into Zoom using your PSU email address.
    • Click Host or Schedule meeting.
    • Navigate to your presentation or poster.
    • Click Share Screen.
    • Click Record to the Cloud.
    • When finished, end the recording and wait for it to be available.
    • In the main Zoom menu, find your file under Recordings.
    • Click download.

    Watch the video in the Example Submission: How to Record and Download Your Presentation Using Zoom

    The Maximum Length for Videos is 5 Minutes.

    Oral Presentation Raffle Prizes

    There are cash raffle prizes for Oral Presenters !! Two $100 raffle prizes will be awarded. All oral presenters are automatically entered into the raffle.