Poster Competition

About the Competition

The Student Research Symposium recognizes students for original research achievements across a variety of disciplines. Successful students demonstrate valid investigation and experimentation objectives and methods. Judging and scoring criteria are as follows, with each judging criteria category scored on a scale of 1-10 (10=Outstanding, 8=Very Good, 6=Good, 4=Needs Improvement, 2=Unsatisfactory).

Anyone who submits a poster will be automatically entered.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top entries.

Judging Criteria

    Statement and identification of research problem
  • Is the problem clearly stated?
  • Does the presenter demonstrate understanding of existing knowledge about the research problem?
    Scientific thought, creativity/originality
  • Student clearly conveys their individual contributions to and understanding of the research problem
  • Appropriate duration of collection and data analysis
  • Innovation and originality: Standard Protocol/Design; Innovative Protocol
    Research design, methods, and results
  • Appropriateness of research design and procedures
  • Process skills that led to research problem and/or research design
  • Identification and control of variables
  • Replicability
    Skillful communication of research results
  • Clarity in communicating research results to non-specialized audiences and to judges
  • Appropriate selection, use, and quality of visuals
  • Design and appearance of poster

Winners of the 2021 Poster Competition

The posters were evaluated by a panel of judges representing PSU faculty and staff members. The winners of the poster competition are: