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Sustainable agriculture, School gardens, Portland Public Schools (Or.)


Interview of Vida Shore by Brianna Demko at Alameda Elementary in NE Portland, Oregon on May 24th, 2013.

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Vida Marlene Shore is originally from Ottawa, Canada. She went to community college in Santa Monica, California. She is an Interior Designer. As of 2013, she is the Alameda Elementary School Discovery Garden coordinator.


This interview of Vida Shore and Jaylen Schmitt was conducted by Brianna Demko on May 24, 2013. Shore and Schmitt discuss the gardening program that they began at Alameda Elementary, which promotes the idea of using healthy cafeteria food that is grown at the school. Not only does this program provide fresh vegetables, it incorporates gardening as a learning experience for the students. Each grade level is in charge of a certain area in the garden, which includes a butterfly garden, earthworm box, vegetable garden, bird nesting area, and a native species garden. There have been a few problems with incorporating this program completely because of the public school regulations that don’t allow the gardening program to produce fruit for the cafeteria or allow for food composting. Alameda Elementary is an extremely large school with 800 students and keeping up with the students’ food demands is not always possible, so many local gardens also donate fresh produce to the cafeteria. This program is teaching the idea of locally sourced produce to younger generations, which can be directly tied to sustainability.

This interview is part of “The Sustainability History Project: Documenting Sustainable Development and Practice in the Pacific Northwest” at Portland State University.


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