Interview with Nancy Bond, Portland Public Schools, 2013 (audio)


Nancy Bond

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Sustainable buildings -- Design and construction, Solar energy -- Oregon, Green Teams, Portland Public Schools (Or.)


Interview of Nancy Bond by Coby Hutzler on May 23rd, 2013.


Nancy Bond is originally from Corvallis, Oregon. She has a BA in Sociology and Environmental Studies. She has a Masters in Sociology. As of 2013, she is a Resource Conservation Coordinator at Portland Public Schools.


Nancy Bond and Claudia Christenson Garcia work at Portland Public School District. Sustainability practices within the district are observed in the past ten years in ways such as worm bins, Styrofoam containers, recycling programs, milk pouches, electricity conservation, and PowerPals. Partnerships towards alternative energies are also discussed as well as organic pilot programs, such as the Fork It Over Food Donation Program. Teacher education in green buildings is discussed as the creation of a LEED certified building was installed. The future of infrastructure in Portland districts are discussed as well. Bond and Christensen talk about Occupancy sensors within the bathrooms, which reduce flushing and conserve water in bathrooms. Waste management sustainability changes are discussed with the push away from fossil fuels to natural gas. Christensen describes the district’s demographic data and statistics that look at low income schools and is trying to create sustainable practices. Various organizations that have helped develop the goals within this school district are explained and commended.

This interview is part of “The Sustainability History Project: Documenting Sustainable Development and Practice in the Pacific Northwest” at Portland State University.


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