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Bicycles -- Transportation, Sustainability -- Oregon, City Planning


Interview of Stephanie Noll by Sean Cochran in NW Portland, Oregon on May 24th, 2010.

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As of 2010, Stephanie Noll is the Program Director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. She holds a BA in English from Truman State, and regularly leads bicycle workshops.


Stephanie Noll has taken her education in urban planning and design to a place always referred to her as “ the healthy city” (Portland, Oregon). At the time of this interview, Noll was the program manager of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), an organization that emphasizes biking as a means of transportation and helps to create the “models” of safe cycling for Portland. The BTA is an advocate for improved bike access for public transportation. Noll has personally helped to implement the Bike Commute Challenge, which added more than 2,500 new bike riders in 2008 and 2009. Noll discusses transportation funding, noting how the budget for bike infrastructure is lacking. The BTA offerings educational clinics such as the One Hour Commute workshop to teach about bike laws, skills for sharing roads with traffic, bike maintenance, and riding gear.

This interview is part of “The Sustainability History Project: Documenting Sustainable Development and Practice in the Pacific Northwest” at Portland State University.


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