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Summer 7-30-2021


Bayesian statistical decision theory -- Applications, Reconstructability analysis, Bayesian Networks, Information theory, Maximum entropy, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Lattice of general structures, Hypergraph, Directed acyclic graph


Reconstructability Analysis (RA) and Bayesian Networks (BN) are both probabilistic graphical modeling methodologies used in machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are RA models that are statistically equivalent to BN models and there are also models unique to RA and models unique to BN. The primary goal of this paper is to unify these two methodologies via a lattice of structures that offers an expanded set of models to represent complex systems more accurately or more simply. The conceptualization of this lattice also offers a framework for additional innovations beyond what is presented here. Specifically, this paper integrates RA and BN by developing and visualizing: (1) a BN neutral system lattice of general and specific graphs, (2) a joint RABN neutral system lattice of general and specific graphs, (3) an augmented RA directed system lattice of prediction graphs, and (4) a BN directed system lattice of prediction graphs. Additionally, it (5) extends RA notation to encompass BN graphs and (6) offers an algorithm to search the joint RA-BN neutral system lattice to find the best representation of system structure from underlying system variables. All lattices shown in this paper are for four variables, but the theory and methodology presented in this paper are general and apply to any number of variables. These methodological innovations are contributions to machine learning and artificial intelligence and more generally to complex systems analysis. The paper also reviews some relevant prior work of others so that the innovations offered here can be understood in a self-contained way within the context of this paper.


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