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Operational research, Systems engineering, Computer-aided engineering


This paper is not a typical academic paper that is solidly grounded in the literature. Instead, this paper reports practitioner’s experiences in rebuilding and calibrating a very large system dynamics model. A prior version of this model had been in use for over 10 years in an ongoing executive training simulation. That model had never worked correctly in several key areas, requiring the outputs to be manually adjusted by very experienced facilitators during the course of the simulation. The present project rebuilt the system dynamics model, redesigned the parts that weren’t working, and calibrated the resulting model to match the facilitator’s experience in how it should work. The complexity of the underlying model dictated a relatively large amount of complexity in the replacement model. As desirable as it would for the model to be simple, such a model could not create the necessary degree of realism.


Presented at the 29th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Washington, D.C.

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