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Computational Social Science Society of Americas (CSSA) Conferences as a Venue for Publication and Outreach



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I had the opportunity to present my work at CSS18 and CSS19 and was/am pleasantly surprised by its casual and stimulating ambience. The themes of this conference are highly aligned with interests of graduate students at our program. CSSA also hosts a sister conference Complexity and Policy Studies (CAPS) conference every year. Both these conferences might be ideal venues for our students to publish, and find collaborators and funding sources.

In this talk, I present an overview of the CSS19 talks, categorize the conference presentations, highlight interesting talks, and align some of its recurring themes with our program's research areas. Based on my experience at the conference and my discussions with other collaborators, I argue that reframing systems science education around the buzzword computational social science more explicitly might help elicit more interest from students and the rest of the community. More importantly, the presence of this buzzword might help future graduating students find academic and industry jobs currently inaccessible because of obscurity surrounding the meaning of systems science.

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Rajesh is a [graduating PhD] student of systems science with interests at the interface of mathematics, cognitive science, and sociology.


System analysis -- Congresses, System analysis -- Scholarly publishing, System analysis -- Study and teaching (Higher), System theory -- Study and teaching (Higher), System analysis -- Vocational guidance


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Computational Social Science Society of Americas (CSSA) Conferences as a Venue for Publication and Outreach