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Racial Justice as Climate Justice



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As the climate crisis escalates the asymmetry of climatic effects on human populations is increasingly apparent. From wildfires to flooding, the populations affected by climate change are often the ones least responsible for the crisis. This talk will explore how the socioeconomic system of capitalism has historically exposed specific racial groups to environmental harm while also contributing to the climate crisis. In doing so, I seek to prove how colonialism, white supremacy, imperialism, and patriarchy are at the center of the climate crisis and why abolishing these systems is a necessary for the future.

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Julius Alexander McGee is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at U of O., where he earned his PhD. Since then, he has outlined the ways in which organic agriculture contributes to climate change, illustrated how renewable energy consumption expands social inequality, and advocated for a more robust understanding of how energy systems perpetuate racism. More recently, Julius has embarked on a number of book projects that explore the connection between anti-Black racism and the climate crisis as well as an historical materialist analysis of the history of the United States from the precolonial era to the present day.


Climatic changes -- Social aspects, Racial equity, Racial justice, Capitalism -- Social aspects, Energy consumption -- Social aspects -- United States, Fossil fuels -- Social aspects -- United States, Social justice, Decolonization


Environmental Studies | Human Ecology | Inequality and Stratification | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social Justice | Social Welfare | Systems Science

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Racial Justice as Climate Justice