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Systems science (SySc) is defined, and a brief background is provided regarding some of the systems science-related societies, conferences, journals, research institutes, and educational programs. The SySc program at Portland State University in Portland, OR, USA, is described in detail, including its history, curriculum, students, faculty, and degrees granted. Dissertation topics are summarized via word diagrams created from dissertation titles over the years. MS degrees, student placement, and undergraduate courses are also mentioned, and future plans for the program are described including its support for sustainability education.

Biographical Information

Wayne is Professor and Systems Science Program Chair at Portland State University. He earned a B.S. and a Master of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College (1973); and a Ph.D. in Systems Science at Portland State U. (1977). His current research focuses on health policy related to drug diversion, abuse and treatment; applied data mining; and environmental/ecological sustainability.


System theory -- Study and teaching (Higher), Portland State University. Systems Science Graduate Program -- History, Portland State University. Systems Science Ph. D. Program -- History, Interdisciplinary research, System analysis -- Methodology


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education Administration | Other Education

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Four Decades of Systems Science Teaching and Research at PSU