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Speed-Bumps and Accelerants on the Road from Horsepower to Solar Power



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Beating global warming requires moving to a nearly entirely solar powered economy, thereby (1) removing sources of heat that would otherwise have to be radiated into space from the biosphere to keep temperatures stable, while (2) also removing most sources of human- generated greenhouse gases that slow the radiating. Fossil fuels replaced animals for portable power, a history I will use to explain the general way learning by doing acts through the economy to become technological progress, and then will use in explaining the way forward toward using solar power without animals as intermediaries. Financial systems have changed along other social and economic systems. Now monetary policies influence the speed of developing and deploying suitable technologies. This lecture shows where current Federal Reserve Board policies designed to fight inflation would clash with a rapid deployment of solar power.

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Steve Staloff received his PhD from the University of Oregon in Economics. He taught at the University of Maine and Portland State University, and did theoretical and statistical research at Resources for the Future and Pacific Northwest Laboratories in resource, solar and conservation issues. He is currently affiliated with the Systems Science Program as a visiting scholar where he regularly presents new research ideas. His current research focuses on speeding responses to global warming.


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Speed-Bumps and Accelerants on the Road from Horsepower to Solar Power