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Data networks have been a very important catalyst in the growth of business in the US. As data networks became more complex in the 1970s and 1980s it was necessary to implement system analysis methodologies for the more complex networks. Over the last three decades data networks have become increasingly more complex and organizations and governments are increasingly more dependent on their services. The new applications and services being ushered in this next decade may well render current methodologies ineffective. The goal of this talk is to begin the dialogue about how system theories might make significant contributions to the designs of the next generation information systems.

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Grant Kirby is a PhD candidate in the Systems Science program at PSU. He received his MBA from University of Oregon and a computer science undergraduate from OIT. Grant is currently a Program Director at Oregon Institute of Technology over the Information Technology and Operations Management programs. Before he came to OIT in 2003, he spent twelve years at Intel Corp. as a technical Marketing and Product Marketing engineer.


Computer networks -- Management, System theory, Business -- Computer network resources -- Management, Management information systems -- Technological innovations


Management Information Systems | Technology and Innovation

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Reviewing the Role of Systems Analysis in Data Networks and the Possible Role for System Theories going Forward