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The brain is a complex living system. Using colorful slides and anecdotes, Dario Nardi, PhD will overview his hands-on research of the past 5 years in his social neuroscience lab using EEG technology to better understand the neocortex. He spends 2 to 3 hours with each subject, offering a variety of tasks from solo activities like meditating, drawing, and recalling to social activities like poker and speed-dating. The results are in. The neocortex relies upon a dynamic of modules, circuits, and holistic modes to continuously coordinate with the environment in both a top-down and a bottom-up manner. Moreover, individual differences matter, and there are key principles such as the "threshold to activation" and "engagement curve" that hint at how systems like the brain come to sustain themselves.

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Dario is a founder of UCLA's Human Complex Systems degree program, winner of UCLA's annual Distinguished Teaching award, and author/coauthor of numerous books including "Neuroscience of Personality". He received his degree from SUNY Binghamton in Systems Science. His undergraduate degree is Aerospace Engineering from USC. Dario is also the founder and CEO of Radiance House media and books.


Brain -- Anatomy, Brain mapping, Electroencephalography, Neocortex, Personality -- Neurological aspects, System theory


Neurology | Personality and Social Contexts

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Neuroscience of Personality: Principles of the Psyche as a Living System