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Computational Biology and T-Cell Receptor Sequencing



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Leyshock will begin with an overview of Computational Biology work at OHSU, then take a closer look at T­cell sequencing pipeline under development. The pipeline itself will be discussed, as well as its implications for cancer immunotherapies.

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Dr. Leyshock is a Research Systems Engineer for the Computational Biology Program, leading data integration projects for several OHSU labs. Leyshock's analytic skills and diverse work experience make him a valuable asset to the Program. A Reed College graduate, Leyshock has earned both an M.A. from Arizona State University and a PhD in Computer Science from Portland State University. His doctoral dissertation research focused on tools and methods for analyzing array­structured scientific data.


Computational biology, Oregon Health & Science University, Systems biology, T cells -- Receptors


Genetic Processes | Medical Cell Biology

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Computational Biology and T-Cell Receptor Sequencing