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Social practice (Art), Design -- Social aspects, Public art, New media art, Facades -- Technological innovations, Interactive art


This paper is concerned with addressing social concerns with large-scale, multi-modal media art that uses digital networks, reactive architecture, and the city as semiotic resources. As artists and designers who are involved in socially engaged practice, we see an important role in foregrounding political and social issues through networks and architecture, negotiating and furnishing access to both while shaping compelling interfaces that allow people to contribute by amplifying an area of common concern. We discuss some previous work by Davila and Colangelo and focus on our latest project, In The Air, Tonight, which aims to visualize local wind patterns combined with fluctuations in the conversation around #homelessness through Twitter on the LED façade of the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto.

Note: At the time of writing, Dave Colangelo was affiliated with Ryerson University.


Paper presented at a one day workshop, as part of the CHI 2014 annual ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Science, Toronto, Canada, 26th April 2014. More information and related works available at

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