Film Feminisms: a Global Introduction



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Feminism and motion pictures, Women in motion pictures, Feminist film criticism


Film Feminisms offers a global and updated overview of the history, present-day concerns, and future of feminist film and theory. It introduces frameworks from phenomenology, affect theory, and psychoanalysis to reception studies, new media theories, and critical historiography, as well as engaging with key issues in documentary ethics, genre theory, and star studies.

This new textbook situates feminist film theory within the larger framework of transnational scholarly approaches, as well as decolonial, queer, disability studies, and critical race theories. It offers a much-needed update on pedagogical approaches to feminist film studies, providing discussions of filmmakers and films that have been overlooked in the field, or that are overdue for further analysis.

Each chapter is supported by a variety of pedagogical features including activities, key terms, and case studies. Many of the activities draw on contemporary digital media, such as social media and streaming platforms, to update the field to today's changing media landscape.

Kristin Lené Hole is an Assistant Professor in Film Studies at Portland State University. She is the author of Towards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics: Claire Denis, Emmanuel Levinas, and Jean-Luc Nancy (2016) and co-editor of The Routledge Companion to Cinema and Gender (with Dijana Jelaca, E. Ann Kaplan, and Patrice Petro, 2017).?

Dijana Jelaca is Adjunct Professor in the Film Department at Brooklyn College. She is the author of Dislocated Screen Memory: Narrating Trauma in Post-Yugoslav Cinema (2016).


Chapter One: Women Filmmakers and Feminist Authorship

Chapter Two: Spectatorship and Reception

Chapter Three: Cinema and the Body

Chapter Four: Stars: Gendered Texts, Circulating Images

Chapter Five: Documentary: Local Realities, (Trans)National Perspectives

Chapter Six: Feminism and Experimental Film and Video

Chapter Seven: Narrative Film: Gender and Genre

Chapter Eight: From Film to New Media: Emergent Feminist Perspectives

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