Mitigating Toxic Stress for Communal Liberation



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Start Date

9-22-2021 3:00 PM

End Date

9-22-2021 5:00 PM


How does our institution acknowledge and address the stresses and traumas students bring to campus? How might we better understand and support BIPOC students navigating racist systems on and off campus? Also, let's change these systems! C'mon let's dialogue.

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Harold McNaron is committed to education as a tool for social justice. As Teaching, Learning and Engagement Associate, he supports faculty teaching community-based learning courses. An alum of PSU’s Graduate School of Education, Harold’s work is informed by the theory and practice he has gathered from his time in activist spaces, the nonprofit sector and student affairs.

Shilo George—who identifies as mixed-race Indigenous, queer, and a person of size—is a social worker with more than twenty years of experience and a master’s degree in adult learning and education from Portland State University. With values rooted in Native cultural and spiritual practices, Shilo praises her communities as the sources of her inspiration, resiliency, and drive.


Inclusive education, Education -- Research -- Methodology, Psychic trauma, College students -- Mental health, Higher education -- United States


Higher Education | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Mitigating Toxic Stress for Communal Liberation