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Landslides -- Oregon -- Oregon Coast Range -- Analysis, Landslide hazard analysis -- Oregon -- Oregon Coast Range, Optical radar


The Oregon Department of Transportation, or ODOT, has an ongoing struggle to maintain public highways against earth movements such as erosion, earthquakes and landslides. An earthquake or landslide can close down a road for days, while highway workers fight to keep supply lines open and repair the damage. Particularly along Oregon’s coastal roads with high sea cliffs, these natural processes are a constant threat to transportation infrastructure. The damage caused by gradual erosion is typically not detectable until there is a landslide or other disaster, costing the state considerable time and money to repair. New technology has the potential to change this. Many landslides, in fact, show some form of movement prior to catastrophic failure, and this project introduces a way to proactively detect that slight change.


This is a summary of TREC research project 2015-733, which can be found online at:

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