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Bicycle commuting, Traffic safety, Pedestrian facilities design, Transportation -- Planning -- Curriculum


Nationwide, few university courses focus specifically on planning and design for pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Before this project, Portland State University had only one three-credit course on the subject, which did not provide adequate time to cover all aspects of bicycle and pedestrian transportation planning, policy, design and practice. Although the course provided a useful introduction to the topic and received excellent student reviews, faculty members saw a need to expand the curriculum to provide an opportunity for practical application of the theory and practice and increase the course’s academic rigor.

This project broadened the course offerings on bicycle and pedestrian transportation by designing a two-credit lab course to let students apply the knowledge gained in the three-credit lecture class to real projects in their community.


This is a summary of TREC research project OTREC-ED-10-01, which can be found online at

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