Submissions from 2021

Data file: Applying an Equity Lens to Automated Payment Solutions for Public Transportation, Aaron Golub, John MacArthur, Candace Brakewood, and Anne Brown


Data Files: LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Development Outcomes Final Phase, Robert Hibberd, Arthur C. Nelson, and Kristina Marie Currans


Data Files: Bi-Objective Optimization for Battery Electric Bus Deployment Considering Cost and Environmental Equity, Xiaoyue Cathy Liu, Yirong Zhou, Ran Wei, and Aaron Golub

Data from: “Evaluating Mobility Impacts of Construction Work Zones on Utah Transportation System Using Machine Learning Techniques”, Ali Hassandokht Mashhadi and Abbas Rashidi

Data Files: The Impact of Ride Hail Services on the Accessibility of Nonprofit Services, Dyana P. Mason

Submissions from 2020


Data Files: The Role of Bus Stop Features in Facilitating Accessibility, Keith Batholomew, Ja Young Kim, Divya Chandrasekhar, Reid Ewing, Arlie Adkins, and Samuel Jensen

Data Files: Investigating Effects of TNCs on Parking Demand and Revenues, Ann Brown and Benjamin Y. Clark

Data From “Revisiting TODs: How Subsequent Development Affects the Travel Behavior of Residents in Existing Transit-Oriented Developments”, Nathan McNeil and Jennifer Dill

Submissions from 2019


Data From: How Will Autonomous Vehicles Change Local Government Budgeting and Finance? Case Studies of On-Street Parking, Curb Management, and Solid Waste Collection, Benjamin Y. Clark


Data From: Updating and Expanding LRT/BRT/SCT/CRT Data and Analysis, Robert Hibberd, Arthur C. Nelson, and Kristina M. Currans

Data From: Social-Transportation Analytic Toolbox (STAT) for Transit Networks, Xiaoyue Cathy Liu, Qian Zuo, Shenruoyang Na, Ran Wei, Aaron Golub, Liming Wang, and Jack Davis

Data Files: Contextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes, Christopher Monsere and Nathan McNeil

Submissions from 2018


Nationwide Worker Database to Analyze Transit Outcomes Using an Economic and Demographic Lens, Robert Hibberd and Arthur C. Nelson


Data From: Market SEGMENT Prediction Tool, Philip L. Winters and Amy Lester